SQL query to get all posts from a table in the db but max 5 entrys from a specific user?

I´m building a php-blog system and want to display all posts but max five from each user on the start page. I thinking of do this with a query in the database, but I´m lost on how to do that. The count() function I guess will come in handy, but can somebody help me

This is my function today, and I just whant to improve it to get max five posts from each user

protected function getAllPostsDB() {     $sql = "SELECT recipes.Recipe_ID, recipes.Title, recipes.Short_description, recipes.Step_by_step,      recipes.create_date, recipes.last_mod_date, recipes.Portions, recipes.imgPath, users.Username     FROM recipes      JOIN users         ON recipes.User_ID = users.User_ID     ORDER BY recipes.create_date DESC";     $stmt = $this->connect()->query($sql);     /* fetch all is already set to associative array*/     $result = $stmt->fetchAll();     return $result;` 
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If you are running MySQL 8.0, just use window functions:

SELECT r.Recipe_ID, r.Title, r.Short_description, r.Step_by_step,      r.create_date, r.last_mod_date, r.Portions, r.imgPath, u.Username FROM (     SELECT r.*, ROW_NUMBER() OVER(PARTITION BY User_ID ORDER BY create_date DESC) rn     FROM recipes r ) r INNER JOIN users ON r.User_ID = u.User_ID WHERE r.rn <= 5 ORDER BY r.create_date DESC 

This gives the last five recipes per user, as designated by column create_date. You can change the ORDER BY clause of ROW_NUMBER() to some other column or set of columns if you want another sort rule.

Answered on September 1, 2020.
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